Wine in a Paper Bottle

Wine in a Paper Bottle

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Wine in a Paper Bottle


In recent times we’ve seen lots of new packaging innovations in the wine business: plastic bottles and corks, boxed wine, screw caps on fine wine. What’s next…wine in paper bottles?

Well, yes, actually that appears to be coming in 2012–in the U.K., anyway. British inventor Martin Myerscough is currently in talks with major supermarkets in the U.K. and plans to introduce the paper wine bottle in the coming year.

The “green” bottle is seen as one potential solution to the U.K.’s worsening landfill issues.

Myerscough says the wine is aimed at the “buy now, drink now” market, rather than to the wine connoisseur. “A lot of wine is shipped to the U.K. in bulk and then bottled here under a supermarket label,” Myerscough told the Wall Street Journal. “That’s the sort of market we are going for.”

The bottle is not all paper. It contains a thin plastic bag inside, similar to that used for boxed wine, which can be recycled several times, and is biodegradable.

The bottle is quite a bit lighter and uses about a tenth of the energy required to make a typical glass bottle, according to Mr. Myerscough.

And if you happen to drop it on a hard floor, no big deal.

Myerscough’s company, GreenBottle, has been making paper milk bottles for about a year. He sees the intro of the paper wine bottle as a natural progression.

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