Food & Music Pairings by Turntable Kitchen

Food & Music Pairings by Turntable Kitchen

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Food & Music Pairings by Turntable Kitchen


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Lots of people enjoy listening to music when they eat, whether dining at a fancy restaurant while a pianist tickles the ivories in-person, or at home with the iPod ear buds plugged in.

But what kind of music pairs best with what types of food? Okay, that may not be a question you’ve ever really given much thought, but there’s a new food and music blog that can assist you with that just the same.

Turntable Kitchen, a San Francisco-based site, has launched Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box, “a curated food and music discovery experience,” which it will deliver to subscribers’ mailboxes each month. We found out about it on website

Created by foodies and music lovers named Matthew and Kasey, the subscription service features recipes with local and fresh ingredients combined with hand-selected musical pairings and album reviews.

How does Feist’s album “Let It Die” pair with sweet corn and raspberry ice cream? Quite well, according to the gang at Turntable Kitchen.

For 25 bucks a month (including shipping), subscribers receive a limited edition 7-inch vinyle single featuring songs by one of TK’s favorite artists, plus an exclusive downloadable digital “mixed tape” with new or emerging bands, three seasonal recipes, one or two premium dried ingredients, suggested pairings, tasting notes and additional surprises.

The monthly subscription service will begin soon, but in the meantime a limited number of boxes can be reserved via their website.

Hmmm. Wonder what they’d think about something by the 60s group Bread paired with a peanut butter and jelly.

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