Mistakes in Cooking

Mistakes in Cooking

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Mistakes in Cooking



It figures. I just write an article about how I was able to follow a recipe at a young age and not make any mistakes.

Then, tonight, I go and mix my poppy seeds into the wrong bowl.

Blame it on multi-tasking. You see, I couldn’t really decide which recipe to make tonight for a morning meeting. I was personally in the mood for poppy seed bread, but I had these fresh walnuts begging to be used in a coffeecake.

So, in true maximizing fashion, I decided to make both. I set out two bowls and all ingredients. Both recipes called for three cups of flour, so I measured three cups of flour into each bowl, applauding myself for my efficiency.

I then put the baking powder, and salt, and milk, and even the eggs into the bowl on the left. Turned around for the poppy seeds, measured out my one and a half tablespoons, and promptly dropped them into the bowl on the right.

Have you ever tried to separate poppy seeds from flour?

I gave up, poured more poppy seeds into the bowl on the left, and stored the flour/poppy seed mixture for another time. I finished the poppy seed recipe and popped it in the oven this time before beginning the second recipe, and finally finished both with some measure of success.

Moral of the story? Mistakes happen in cooking, and the best cooks just make the most of them and figure out how to fix them or move on.

Just don’t brag about it when it works. It could come back to bite you.


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