Garcia's Kitchen — Great Mexican Food on Route 66

Garcia's Kitchen — Great Mexican Food on Route 66

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Garcia's Kitchen — Great Mexican Food on Route 66


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Ask an Albuquerque local where to get good Mexican food, and odds are good you’ll be pointed to Garcia’s Kitchen. Or, do like we did—put dinner off so long that nothing much along Route 66 is open, until the bright neon of the Original Garcia’s Kitchen beckons you in just before closing time!

Unlike some of the reviews online, our experience with service was great, and the food was fresh and hand-prepared, with flavors you don’t often find outside of a truly Mexican-influenced restaurant.

While there are seven locations of Garcia’s Kitchen throughout Albuquerque, they told us each has a décor and environment unique to its neighborhood. At ours, along the old road and near the city’s Old Town, we were served with Fiestaware dishes and helpful explanations of some of the unfamiliar menu items.

Take the Carne Adovada, which is basically shredded pork with chili. Sounds messy, but it’s an Albuquerque special and absolutely delicious, particularly when served with hot and pillowy sopapillas. Or, try the Blue Corn Enchilada plate. You can’t go wrong with either.

And, whatever you order, be sure to get an order of sopapillas with Garcia’s own brand of honey.

It’ll leave you planning your next trip to Albuquerque.


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