A Hotdog Pairs Nicely with...

A Hotdog Pairs Nicely with...

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A Hotdog Pairs Nicely with...


Chris Russell, director of operations  of the Southern Hospitality restaurant in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen area, compares it to giving grownups a favorite twosome of Coke and potato chips. It’s  highly approachable and a whole lot of fun, he says. 

Russell’s talking about pairing high-end wines with low-brow foods–and it’s being done in more and more restaurants in the Big City.

We look at it as an example of our Culturewave® of Sensory Appeal™ — “When you add a new sensation, it all seems new.”™ It’s all about intensifying the experience.  This emerging trend is showcased perfectly in the new oddball pairing of junk foods and fine wine. No longer is wine paired only with upscale meals. But how about matching Fried Pickles with a nice Sauvignon Blanc, or hot dogs and a Rosé?

Carla Spartos of the New York Post writes that since wine has become an integral part of New York dining culture, old rules are being thrown out with the bathwater. Maybe you prefer hamburgers to foie gras or fried chicken to roast quail. In many New York restaurants today, you’re no longer limited to partnering these with a round of brewskies.

Personally, I have been mixing junk food with various Pinot Grigios and Chardonnays for years, and have never had any complaints. Wine works for everything in my book. Glad to see it as a trend that could be gaining ground in restaurants across the country! 

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