The Other White Meat Gets a New Tagline

The Other White Meat Gets a New Tagline

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The Other White Meat Gets a New Tagline


The pork people have finally tired of their long-time slogan, Pork: the Other White Meat, and replaced it with “Pork. Be inspired.”

Hmmm. Not really all that inspiring in my opinion.

But at least it’s more genuine. I challenge you to find one nutritionist who would disagree with the fact that pork is red meat, rather than white. Okay, sure, its color is similar to that of chicken (the original white meat). But when your doctor recommends you cut back on your consumption of red meat, you know as well as I do that he’s including pork in that category.

But I digress.

And I must admit those five words, “Pork. The Other White Meat,” have served the pork producers well for 23 years.

The ‘Other’ slogan is not going away entirely. It will become a “heritage” brand, still being used on the Web and with nutrition-based communications, according to the National Pork Board (NPB).

The slogan will be unveiled next month as part of a new highly targeted advertising campaign. The NPB conducted a multi-dimensional consumer segmentation study to focus on how to get the most bang for pork producers’ buck. The goals were to understand U.S. pork consumption; determine the right consumers to target for pork; develop the right consumer message for the target audience; and create resources for use with channel partners.

The target audience involves the 28 percent of U.S. households who eat 68 percent of all fresh pork consumed at home, and 50 percent of what’s eaten away from home. The target is people who have an attitude about pork, folks who like to cook and want fresh ideas, NPB spokespeople say.

Apparently these pork/cooking enthusiasts are about to be inspired.

“Pork is our brand, and we want to be crystal clear what it stands for,” says Ceci Snyder, NPB’s vice president of domestic marketing. “That pork is fresh, spontaneous, creative, tempting, delicious and inspired.”

Are you inspired now?

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