How About Some Chicken Skin for Din-Din?

How About Some Chicken Skin for Din-Din?

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How About Some Chicken Skin for Din-Din?


Among chicken connoisseurs, there are those who prefer white meat, and those who like the dark meat. My wife and I are perfect chicken-eating partners—I like the breast pieces, she likes the thighs and drums.

Neither of us eats the skin any longer because that’s where the fat and calories reside (plus, lots of flavor).

Apparently we’re outside the trend zone on this.

According to a story by Sarah DiGregorio in The New York Times, more and more people are enjoying chicken skin as a new culinary favorite. She quotes Nate Gutierrez, chef and owner of Nate’s Taco Truck in Richmond, Va., who loves to snack on the flavorful leftover chicken skin from his roast chickens. Then the truck started selling chicken skin tacos. Whenever he puts them on the menu, they quickly sell out.

Executive chef Sean Brock of Huck and McCrady’s in Charleston, S.C., is another big proponent of chicken skin. He marinates it in buttermilk, then smokes and deep fries it for a crunchy appetizer served with hot sauce and honey.

Recette, an upscale restaurant in New York’s West Village, serves a deep-fried, chicken skin-wrapped gravy, described as “a crunchy parcel with a molten ingerior.” It’s served with roast foie gras and a black pepper biscuit.

As noted by DiGregorio, there was an Internet rumor floating around last year that KFC was testing a chicken “skinwich” as a follow-up to its notorious Double Down sandwich. Alas, the gastronomic gossip proved to be untrue.

Grilled chicken skin on a skewer is a popular dish in Japan and in some Japanese restaurants in the U.S. Deep fried chicken skin is a snack that’s favored some regions of the Philippines, where it’s called chicharon manok.

Jewish cooks use chicken skin to make gribenes (chicken cracklings), a favorite dish especially around the Jewish holidays.

Hmmm. I doubt I could convince my wife to stop throwing away the chicken skin when she cuts up the bird (yes, some people still cut up their own chicken). But those chicken skin tacos do sound tasty.

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