A Manly Man's Soda

A Manly Man's Soda

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A Manly Man's Soda


According to Natalie Zmuda at Adage.com, Dr Pepper Ten, a reduced-calorie soda, is unapologetically targeting men, a bold move in a category that has had its fair share of marketing missteps. Coke Zero and Pepsi Max, both billed as full-flavored sodas with zero calories, had difficulty nailing down the right message for a diet product that’s meant to appeal to men.

The new low-cal soda was developed for 25-34 year-old men who might want a regular Dr Pepper, but also know that fewer calories means more snackage without as much guilt, because of course they wouldn’t be caught dead with a “diet” soda. That’s for the girls…

To drive the campaign home the brand is even going so far as taking a mobile “Man Cave” to six different test markets, where the trailer will be set up in “testosterone zones” like ball fields or car shows. The way we see this trend in our CultureWaves® world , this is none other than the wave “Guys and Dolls”™, an acute genderization: “Give me my power tools!” “Give me my power frills!”™

So, will this marketing push alienate the female fans of Dr Pepper or just give the beverage industry a little more of a competitive edge? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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