Mixology Ideas in Time for the Holidays

Mixology Ideas in Time for the Holidays

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Mixology Ideas in Time for the Holidays


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 As we’re getting ready for the holidays, beverages are high on the list when planning a party or special menu. Whether your tastes run to champagne or iced tea, we have some suggestions in our holiday Mixology series. The five drinks in this series are all prepared at Smith & Wollensky restaurants.

Ask for these drinks when you go out, or try them at home—we’ve provided the recipes and some great demonstration videos using Simon of Pernod-Ricard, and David, lead bartender at the Boston Atlantic Wharf Location of Smith & Wollensky.

A couple of tips as you prepare your mixed drinks:

  • Drinks with distilled spirits (a martini, or a Manhattan, for example) are stirred, but gently. Your goal is to simply combine the liquids and dissolve a little of the ice, if used, and the best approach is slow and steady.
  • Use the right glass for the drink you are preparing (these drinks are all in Stolzle glassware from Anchor-Hocking). The cocktail glass is also known as the martini glass, and has a triangle-bowl design with a long, slender stem. A highball glass is straight-sided and used for drinks such as a gin and tonic. An Old-Fashioned glass is used primarily for cocktails served over ice. 
  • Garnishes are a big part of the drink; use a serrated knife for best results when preparing fruit or other garnishes. One easy way to provide your guests with an exceptional bar experience is to familiarize yourself with unusual fruits and various kinds of olives for fun.
  • When drinking at a restaurant or bar, remember to tip. Minimum suggested tip is $1 per beer and $2 for mixed drinks–more for complicated drinks or special orders, as well as for the bartenders in higher end establishments

Check out these recommended recipes:


Cherry Manhattan

Horse’s Neck

Boston Tea Party Martini

The Maestro Tequila Cocktail


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