The Most Socially Influential Restaurants in the USA

The Most Socially Influential Restaurants in the USA

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The Most Socially Influential Restaurants in the USA


Web site SocialCoCo, a creation of blogger Paul Barron, who also founded and, has announced its list of the top 20 most influential restaurants in America. Social CoCo based its list on data compiled from more than 2,000 restaurant concepts being tracked and more than 6 millions consumer interactions over a recent 90-day period.

Tracking the main social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and YouTube, SocialCoCo determined its rankings of the most influential U.S. restaurant brands in terms of social media and engagement.

The Web site also used algorithms from Klout and other third party systems, as well as its own algorithms in the consumer interaction scoring. Klout is the company that assigns each user of social media (Twitter, Facebook, and the like) a “score” to determine their influence in the online world. The more a person engages, the more people find that person interesting enough to respond, repost, or retweet that person’s information, the higher that person’s Klout score will go. Essentially, Klout is using various algorithms to determine one’s relevant worth in the online world.

Here’s the Top 20 most influential U.S. restaurant brands in the social media world, according to SocialCoCo:

1.    Starbucks

2.    McDonald’s

3.    Taco Bell

4.    Dunkin’ Donuts

5.    Jimmy John’s

6.    Subway

7.    Cheesecake Factory

8.    Baskin Robbins

9.    Domino’s Pizza

    10.  Genghis Grill

    11.  AJ Bombers

    12.  Tasti Delight

    13.  Pizza Hut

    14.  The Coffee Bean

    15.  Naked Pizza

    16.  Chili’s

    17.  Jack in the Box

    18.  KFC

    19.  Camille’s Sidewalk Café

    20.  Wow Bao

    Full disclosure: It should be noted that Social CoCo and Digital CoCo have partnerships with two brands that made the list: Genghis Grill and Camille’s Sidewalk Café.

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