One Kurtosh, Please

One Kurtosh, Please

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One Kurtosh, Please


What is a Kurtosh?  Anyone? Anyone? Well, what if I told you it was an historic European Pastry? The pastry and its bakery chain of the same name are having a major popularity surge in Europe now. The kurtosh has come to California and has become a huge hit in Israel.

The traditional Hungarian pastry is made with a unique dough which is cut into thin strips, rolled onto cylindrical skewers, and sprinkled with sugar that’s caramelized in a special rotisserie oven. Sounds amazing! But to make it even tastier, when it’s golden brown, a variety of flavors are mixed with caramel for even more yummy goodness. Flavors include hazelnut, cinnamon, and vanilla among others. 

This Kurtosh pastry was revived in 1996 by Kurtosh Bakery in Hungary. According to the Kurtosh website, since that time the bakery chain is up to 16 different locations in Israel, 3 locations in California and plans to open 10 more in Eastern Europe, Canada, Italy, Holland, and Germany, and the U.S.

Definitely a pastry trend to watch. Could be coming soon to your neighborhood.

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