Spreading the Joy Winners Announced

Spreading the Joy Winners Announced

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Spreading the Joy Winners Announced


Congratulations to the three winners of The Food Channel’s Spreading the Joy contest sponsored by Smucker’s Jams, Jellies, Preserves and Fruit Butter. Each will receive a a gift set of Smucker’s new Orchard’s Finest Preserves.

Food Channel facebook fans were asked to submit their favorite memory about spreading simple joy with jam, jelly or preserves.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Here are the three winners.

Julie Yoshikawa McIntyre, Rohnert Park, Calif., wrote – “Driving from California to New York with my parents and siblings back in the 70’s, I remember eating breakfast out everyday, and my favorite part was those little restaurant packs of Smuckers! I even would stash some in my pockets for the long ride! Lol! It made moving from one coast to another a little bit sweeter!”

Gabriele Cliburn, Lake Wales, Fla., wrote “One day, while rummaging through the freezer, I found this bag of rather oldish sliced peaches. Wanting to use it and get something out of the freezer, I put it in my bread machine and made some peach jam. Before the jam was finished, I had to go to Walmart, but since the bread machine did all the work once started, I wasn’t worried. When I came home looking forward to some good peach jam … I found the bread pan empty!!! My three kids enjoyed that jam sooo much, they ATE THE WHOLE THING before it was even cooled down!!!! AND LEFT THE EMPTY PAN in the bread machine!!!!! Must have been good, because I didn’t even get enough of a lick to taste test it.”

Donna O’Neill, Hayward, Calif., wrote“My favorite memory is making crepes with jam (clatite cu gem) with my parents. It is one of my favorite Romanian family recipes. I remember filling the hot crepes with jam and rolling them as my dad was making them. They often didn’t make it to the table as we ate them right away. My favorite jams are raspberry and then apricot. It was also one of the first Romanian recipes that I made for my Midwestern husband when we were dating and we would eat them standing up as we after we filled them with jam. Now I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to help me make them so we can continue to spread a little family history with jam.”



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