Trend Watch: Year of the Goat?

Trend Watch: Year of the Goat?

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Trend Watch: Year of the Goat?


Most of the annual food trend predictions for 2011 are in the books now, including ours. When you look over the various lists, there’s some crossover, but once in a while you run across a trend forecast that makes you say “Really?”

Such is the case with an article written by Mia Stainsby for Canada’s Vancouver Sun which includes a headline that predicts that 2011 will be “the year of the goat.”

Stainsby quotes Nico Schuermans of Chambar, Dirty Apron Cooking School and Deli who says, “It’s been hard to find but butchers are looking for it. It’s getting more and more popular in New York and Montreal.”

Goat, said to be quite flavorful, has long been popular in Middle Eastern and Indian cultures. It’s very lean because goats don’t eat a lot. As with sheep, they are difficult to fatten up.

Lesley Chesterman, fine dining critic for the Montreal Gazette, is on board. She says get ready for goat. Describing the first time she tried it on the Caribbean Island of Montserrat, she writes that it was “Incredibly tender and surprisingly mild,” allowing the “spices to sing.”

Chesterman visited with a number of Montreal area restaurateurs who offer goat on the menu in some fashion, and you can find a recipe for Red Wine-Braised Goat Shanks in her story—it’s the creation of Samuel Pinard of La Salle à Manger restaurant in Montreal (pictured, right. Photo by Dave Sidaway, The Gazette).

We looked back into the archives and discovered that TIME magazine named goat meat one of the top ten food trends of 2008. I guess if the goat trend does finally take off in 2011, TIME can say they were ahead of the curve. It’s better than having to eat crow…or goat.

We’ll just have to keep an eye on this one and see if the current mini trend migrates below the Canadian border (and beyond New York). Then maybe it’ll find its way onto next year’s top food trends. But frankly, we sort of doubt that it will.

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