Wiener Chain Celebrates 50th Year

Wiener Chain Celebrates 50th Year

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Wiener Chain Celebrates 50th Year


2011 marks the 50th anniversary for Wienerschnitzel, the world’s largest hot dog chain, and to commemorate the milestone, Wienerschnitzel is taking it old school and bringing back the “Der,” as in “Der fun since ’61.” The chain used to be known as Der Wienerschnitzel, but as the company notes, “‘Somewhere we misplaced our ‘Der’.” This year the company will take a walk down memory lane and look back at Wienerschnitzel beginnings, when life was centered on family, a simple lifestyle and good music.

Kicking off its golden year with a 99-cent chili dog deal, the company plans to continue the year-long celebration by offering its loyal customers and fans a variety of deals and new products, as well as cash and prize giveaways.

“We began as a single hot dog stand in 1961 and our success these past 50 years is due to our commitment to the simplicity of our brand and operating with a business philosophy centered on family culture,” said Dennis Tase, president and chief operating officer for Wienerschnitzel. “We plan to celebrate the great moments throughout Wienerschnitzel’s history and we would like our fans to play a part in the celebration by sharing their own Wienerschnitzel memories.”

Old School Style, New Surprises

Wienerschnitzel, with its roots deep in 1960s nostalgia, will be transporting customers back in time with packaging featuring the nostalgic “Der Wienerschnitzel” crest, historical black and white photos and 60s music.  Wienerschnitzel milestones will also be shared through new television commercials and promotions.  Not to mention, Wienerschnitzel has an entire year’s worth of exciting giveaways and surprises planned, including the availability of a limited-edition 50th Anniversary antenna topper. 

50 Years Later…It’s Still All About the Hot Dog and Chili

Wienerschnitzel has introduced many new products and great values to the menu throughout the years including Mini Corn Dogs and Chili Cheese Fries.  Today, Wienerschnitzel is the “home of the 79-cent corn dog.” A pretty amazing value. But the company says it’s the world famous grilled hot dogs and one of a kind, secret recipe chili that its customers love most.

Wienerschnitzel sells more than 120 million hot dogs annually and is proud of serving up 50 years of tasty memories.  Although new menu items have been added over the years to appeal to a broad audience of tastes, the original classics remain the same and are still the most popular. Wienerschnitzel is “der” world’s largest hot dog chain!


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