Black Market Menu Coming to Mama Fu's

Black Market Menu Coming to Mama Fu's

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Black Market Menu Coming to Mama Fu's


Mama Fu’s Asian House, the fast-casual chain based in Austin, Tex., is set to “launch” an under-the-table secondary menu which only customers who are in the know will be able to order from.

Calling it the “Black Market Menu,” Mama Fu’s is scheduled to debut the clandestine menu in late January, according to a story by Sam Oches, reporting for industry trade publication QSR Magazine. The menu will be comprised of a rotating collection of items that won’t be seen on the regular menu board.

Gary Bahl, marketing director for Mama Fu’s, says the restaurant has historically had a few menu items that they’ll make for customers because people know about them and ask for them. So the company then decided to have this “other menu” available to loyal Mama Fu’s fans (who they like to call Fu-natics).

.The first items on the Black Market Menu, according to inside sources, will be Egg Drop Soup, Vietnamese Pho Rice Noodle Soup, Bangkok Green Curry, and Báhn Mi.

Initially, Mama Fu’s will promote the Black Market Menu, but after that, plans to be a bit more discreet about it.

Depending on how the items perform, they may make it to the permanent, above-board menu board.

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