Curry Paste for a Busy Gourmet

Curry Paste for a Busy Gourmet

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Curry Paste for a Busy Gourmet


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Who has time to make a full gourmet meal from scratch any more? Well, if you are a die-hard foodie, you make time. But when deadlines cross and there are more errands to run than time in the day, even the gourmet chef residing inside you demands a little break.

Luckily for all of us busy foodies, packaged foods and premixed seasonings and sauces have come a long way. And, The Food Channel has discovered and tested a line of products from Israel that we thoroughly endorse. These days, it’s smart to make use of pre-made ingredients, especially if they taste great and maintain a healthy standard.

Case in point, Neptune Foods Curry Paste. This offering from Neptune’s line of sauces is a curry paste that’s fully spiced and ready to go, making it incredibly easy to turn simple ingredients into a meal.

The concentrated paste means that a little goes a long way. I used a generous spoonful to flavor some chicken and chickpeas over basmati rice, and that was enough. This paste has a great blend of flavors, and is complex enough to be complete without any additional seasoning. Made from a blend of spices, tomatoes and onion, it not only tastes good but also keeps your foodie integrity intact with its lack of artificial flavors or preservatives.

Your inner gourmet can’t complain about that.


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