Cinco de Mayo: A Celebration of Mexican Culture and Cuisine

Cinco de Mayo: A Celebration of Mexican Culture and Cuisine

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Cinco de Mayo: A Celebration of Mexican Culture and Cuisine


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As you are enjoying your evening’s festivities, we want to wish you a happy Cinco de Mayo, remind you to drink responsibly, and provide you with a few highlights to help you celebrate authentically.

The history of Cinco de Mayo

Be prepared for Cinco de Mayo conversation. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the victory by Mexico’s army over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is a day of celebrating Mexican culture and heritage, as well as a wonderful reason to enjoy authentic Mexican beer and food with friends and family.

The right pairing for that spicy food

When ordering antojitos, Mexico’s version of tapas and appetizers, at a restaurant, be sure to pay close attention to the spicy rating of the dish. Many traditional Mexican foods incorporate peppers that kick-up the heat of a dish. If you order spicy food for the table, be sure to suggest that everyone pair it with a Negra Modelo, which is a delicious, creamy, full-flavored dark brew. The pleasant malt aroma and dry hop flavor coupled with its smooth and mellow taste will surely offset the spice in your meal. If you are starting off your meal with a creamy guacamole or fresh ceviche, pair the dish with a refreshing and crisp, clean flavored Corona Extra.

The origins of the Corona lime tradition

When ordering a round of Corona’s for friends, school them on the tradition of adding a lime to the bottle. What you and many others might not know is the origin of this tropical experience. Originally, the lime was only served as a garnish that accompanied the Corona’s served on Mexican beaches. Eventually, Northern tourists began pushing the lime into the bottle. They found it enhanced the flavor of the beer and an enduring ritual was born.
Happy Cinco de Mayo! Enjoy celebrating in style!

Here are some of Chef Roberto Santibañez’s favorite Cinco de Mayo recipes.
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