Contraption Turns Fresh Fruit into a Juice Box

Contraption Turns Fresh Fruit into a Juice Box

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Contraption Turns Fresh Fruit into a Juice Box


Having trouble getting your kids to eat health experts’ recommended servings of fresh fruit and vegetables? A cool new tool from Japanese company Takara Tomy makes it fun to eat and drink fresh fruit—fun for kids and adults.

The Gurefuru Chuchu opens up a little hole in a fruit, such as an orange or grapefruit. Then you insert the little mustachioed character into the top of the fruit, turn the handle a few times to churn up the insides, and then take it out and use the straw to suck up the juicy goodness.

Grownups can even turn the contraption into a cocktail maker/container by pouring a splash of booze into the hole. Screwdriver anyone?

The Gurefuru Chuchu is available for purchase frome the Japan Trend Shop. Cost is around $37 USD.

This video shows how it works. The voiceover is in Japanese, but you’ll get the idea from the visuals alone. We think this is indeed a pretty cool juicing tool–although a bit pricey.

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