Cooking with Harry Potter: Just in Time for Halloween

Cooking with Harry Potter: Just in Time for Halloween

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Cooking with Harry Potter: Just in Time for Halloween


As any Hogwarts devotee knows, food in the great dining hall is quite definitely the stuff of our most active imaginations. Imagine unlimited delicacies—they have it. Imagine your favorite flavors—conjured up, just like that. Imagine someone else doing the dishes. You have that, too . . . unless, of course, you join Hermione in her concern over the workload of the house elves.

Now, the recipes of the Harry Potter series have come to life in The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, by Dinah Bucholz. If you’ve wondered how to recreate the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding that is one of Ron’s favorites, it’s here. Same with Steak and Kidney Pudding, Shepherd’s Pie, and Sausage Rolls—they are all laid out in this cookbook, ready for you to make. You won’t find butterbeer, since that copyright is owned by J.K. Rowling (but word on the street is that’s easy to make with a little cream soda, condensed milk, and butterscotch flavoring). You will find just about everything else, with recipes and tips that have been tested and are as true to the book’s origins as possible with an “unauthorized” kitchen.

The book also includes food beyond the Great Hall, starting with the Dursley’s breakfast and some of the food actually denied Harry (like the Double Chocolate Ice Cream Cones). It takes you through the Weasley family kitchen, including the meat pies she sends to Harry to prevent him from starvation.

There are move than 150 recipes in the book that serve as a walk back through the series—particularly appropriate for your own Halloween celebration.

Check out the Chocolate Eclairs, the Apple Tart, or the Homemade Fudge if you need a dessert to top off your evening of tricks or treats.



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