The Culture of Chicken Corn Soup (especially when you're sick)

Adrienne Garvey Chicken Corn Soup

The Culture of Chicken Corn Soup (especially when you're sick)

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The Culture of Chicken Corn Soup (especially when you're sick)


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Can you imagine any kids in the world who don’t like chicken noodle soup, especially when they’re sick? Meet my kids. They hate it. It makes giving them comfort food when they’re not feeling so hot kinda tricky. 

Enter chicken corn soup. 

We live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, one of the biggest Amish communities in the country. That means lots of great Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, which is where we get chicken corn soup.  We’re also known for our great summer crops, especially white sweet corn. There’s nothing quite like it. When it’s in season, you can’t get enough of it. We love it so much, we freeze several dozen every year (not the whole cob, of course). Let me tell you how awesome it is to have a little taste of Lancaster County summer at any time of the year.

That’s the corn most of us in Lancaster County use when we make chicken corn soup.  I know it’s not available everywhere, so don’t feel bad if you have to buy frozen white sweet corn. It’ll work just fine. 

One of the best things about making soups is that you can freeze them in serving sizes. My freezer is full of little plastic containers holding some sort of soup, perfect for cold days when we need something warm to sip or when one of my little ones gets a cold.

I didn’t realize until recently that chicken corn soup was so cultural. I haven’t lived a particularly sheltered life, I just never gave it much thought. My husband’s family lives in Ohio and when he started telling them about this awesome soup I make, they wanted to know more about it. I figured if they hadn’t heard of it, there was a pretty good chance most people hadn’t heard of it.

So I’m sharing a little taste of Lancaster County with you, something I’m bound to do again. It’s part of who I am. It’s the root of how I cook. For now, we’ll start with chicken corn soup. It’s so good, even my kids will eat it!

Click here for the Lancaster County Chicken Corn Soup recipe.


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