Emerging Trend: Cannabis Cuisine

Emerging Trend: Cannabis Cuisine

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Emerging Trend: Cannabis Cuisine


Marijuana’s counter culture is just beginning to creep toward the mainstream—and it’s apparently headed for the country’s haute cuisine kitchens.

Don’t believe it? Here’s some evidence.

  • America’s first pot restaurant (and we’re not talking “one pot dinners”) has recently opened. Earth Dragon Edibles serves marijuana-laced dishes in Ashland, Ore.
  • Recently raided Oaksterdam University (“Quality Training for the Cannabis Industry”) offers Methods of Ingestion: Cooking 8501, where students will be taught to infuse marijuana into “confections, cheesecakes, salad dressings and beverages,” according to the school’s website.
  • The Bay area newspaper San Francisco Weekly is seeking a critic who can “help other readers discern the delicious from the merely doped up.”

And if that’s not enough, a brand new cookbook has been published by Chronicle that offers a wealth of recipes and tips on the best ways to prepare cannabis cuisine. The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook by Elise McDonough treats marijuana as an ingredient with a wide array of flavor and aroma profiles similar to truffle oil and Himalayan sea salt.

The collection offers “more than 50 irresistible recipes that will get you high”–everything from Pico de Ganja Nachos to Pot-and-Pancetta-Stuffed Tenderloin, as well as a variety of cannabis cocktails.

“There will be a day when chefs are so well-versed in cannabis strains that they’ll be able to pair specific strains with specific dishes to take cannabis to new heights,” McDonough says.

The author advocates eating cannabis for its “medible” properties (“soothes sore muscles, eases pain, aids relaxation”) and “powerful psychedelic euphoria” but advises to “plan your dosage carefully… those who’ve eaten too much cannabis may feel panicky, anxious, agoraphobic.”

Yeah, well, buyer beware I guess she’s saying.

It will certainly be interesting to see how far this trend goes. If I’m not mistaken, marijuana is still illegal just about everywhere in the U.S.

But if you have a source for your weed and want to cook with it, you now have a cookbook that will take you beyond pot brownies.

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