Arby's new Grand Turkey Club

Arby's new Grand Turkey Club

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Arby's new Grand Turkey Club


Arby’s calls its new Grand Turkey Club “the greatest thing since sliced roast beef,” and, well, it is a pretty tasty turkey sandwich.

The Grand Turkey Club is the top of the line of the three sandwiches in the chain’s new Turkey Roasters lineup which debuted earlier this fall. All the sandwiches are served up hot.


The sandwich features roast turkey that’s sliced on premise. You may have seen Arby’s TV commercial which stresses this fact, contrasting this selling point with a competitor (unnamed, but it’s clearly Subway they’re talking about) that slices its meats in a processing plant before trucking it off to its restaurant locations.

In addition to the sliced turkey, the sandwich includes melted Swiss cheese, pepper bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on a toasted harvest wheat bun.

We noted right away that the thinly sliced turkey is piled nice and high—it’s a generous portion, making for a thick, hearty sandwich. The leafy green lettuce and sliced tomato looked and tasted fresh and the bun was toasted perfectly.

The Taste

The Grand Turkey Club has a robust, very satisfying flavor, albeit a bit on the salty side. We checked the nutritionals, and sure enough, it’s rather high in sodium at 1440mg. Calories? The sandwich clocks in at a tick under 500 at 490.

The bacon obviously adds a lot to the flavor. I mean, really, you can’t go wrong with bacon. Well, not unless you overdo it (yes, Wendy’s, we’re talking about you). Arby’s adds two small strips of peppered bacon—probably one regular slice, cut in half—which adds just the right amount of a flavor and a little kick from the pepper.

The sandwich fixin’s—the wheat bun, the bacon, melted cheese, mayo, tomato, lettuce—all blend quite nicely to create a deliciously savory eating experience. But, yeah, it is rather salty. That’s our only quibble.

We’d say if you’re not watching your sodium intake, give it a try, and let us know what you think.


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