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Get Your Grill On!


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It’s time to get your grill on, as they say! People all across America are uncovering their grills and unearthing their tongs. Tanks are getting fueled up, and steaks are being studied—all in preparation for grilling season.

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is, “How do you cook a steak?” So, we decided to devote our new episode of our food and talk show, Spill, to that very subject. Our host, Emmy-award winner Joy Robertson, walks through the exact time to roast a steak, as well as the vegetables to accompany it. And, she even throws on some roasted fruit drizzled with a rich balsamic, so your whole meal can be done on the grill.

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You can share some of our behind-the-scenes by checking out these photos, with Joy, plus members of our Food Channel video crew, as we shot this episode of Spill.

So, if you are getting your gas grill out for the first time, check your fuel, clean off any winter dirt, and, if you didn’t thoroughly clean it at the end of last season, oil it up good then crank up the heat to season it. Be sure you keep your gas grill in a well-ventilated area.

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