Gingerbread! Man, What an Idea for Oreos

Gingerbread! Man, What an Idea for Oreos

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Gingerbread! Man, What an Idea for Oreos


Last month, Oreos stunned the cookie-loving world with its Candy Corn Oreos for Halloween. Now we get word that everyone’s favorite sandwich cookie is coming out with Gingerbread Oreos for limited edition holiday run.

A sweet gingerbread flavored cream is sandwiched between two golden cookies. The cream is pretty much the same texture as that found in original Oreos and the ginger flavor is said to be more of a “hint,” and not too overwhelming. The cookies are a bit crunchier than regular Oreos, according to sources. (We haven’t had a chance to try them yet.)

Reviews from bloggers have been pretty mixed so far. Some folks love ‘em, some hate ‘em, and some say they’re just OK, depending on whether you like traditional gingerbread cookies or not.

Not sure if these are available everywhere, but they can be found at Walmart.

We look forward to giving them a try.

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