What a Difference a Design Can Make

What a Difference a Design Can Make

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What a Difference a Design Can Make


Did you know the shape of the glass can impact how a beer tastes?

Did you know that the warmth of your hand around a beer glass can impact the experience?

Did you know that it’s important for the liquid to hit the right place on your tongue for the best flavor?

Jennifer Glanville knows. When it comes to knowing beer, Glanville is overflowing with knowledge. She’s the Brewery Manager for Samuel Adams in Boston, where the company first made its mark in the craft beer business. It was actually an old family recipe from the 1870s that became Samuel Adams Boston Lager®.

The company is a leader in craft beer (identified as a trend in 2011 by The Food Channel), right down to the glass. The company has a pint glass with a beaded rim and a curvy shape designed to help keep the beer the right temperature.

In the video above, Glanville talks about Samuel Adams Boston Lager—her personal favorite beer—and gives some tips on how to enjoy the brew.

For more information about beer glasses, check out truebeer.com.


Video shot courtesy of the Smith & Wollensky Back Bay Castle in Boston.


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