Iced Coffee: New From Wolfgang Puck

Iced Coffee: New From Wolfgang Puck

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Iced Coffee: New From Wolfgang Puck


Summer just cries out for iced coffee. In fact, a number of print publications who use Food Channel recipes have been asking for our recipes (which you can find below).

We’ve come across one, though, that is a bit more convenient when you are on the go, with great flavor and a reasonable 120 calories per bottle. They are from Wolfgang Puck, in a new line of organic Culinary Iced Coffee™. These are easy to keep in the refrigerator to grab and go, or lean back, pour one over ice, and sip slowly with your feet up.

The flavors are inspired by the celebrity chef’s penchant for pastries and crème brûlée, with names such as Vanilla Fusion, Double Blend Mocha, Crème Caramel, and Cafè Au Lait.

We tried them, and they great—a little bolder than some of the other bottled drinks (although we’re also a fan of the new Starbucks lite mocha iced coffee—who knew “lite” could mean better flavor?). Both companies have managed to pack a lot into fewer calories, and we particularly like the recipes that Wolfgang Puck’s brand has developed to take these delicious drinks to the next level.

Check out all the recipe links below and cool down your summer with a little iced coffee.

Or maybe a lot.


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