Macarons for the Fourth!

Macarons for the Fourth!

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Macarons for the Fourth!


Want to take your Fourth of July celebration up a notch? Think about macarons–but think fast, since you’ll need to get your order in! What caught our attention for this holiday was the distinction red, white and blue macarons available from Chef Eddy Rocq.

Chef Rocq began his award-winning culinary career at the Mederic Culinary School of Paris. He currently owns and operates a catering company in Southern California: Rocq Catering.

Rocq’s special edition red, white, and blue macarons deliver 24 of the French delicacies. The almond cookies are small, crispy on the outside but smooth and soft in the middle, and are made daily, by hand, in a variety of colors and flavors. Besides the Independence Day box, flavors recommended for the hot summer months include:

¨     Lemon Thyme, a wonderful white chocolate shell filled with fresh squeezed lemon infused with thyme ganache.

¨     Raspberry, made with fresh raspberries, this sweet berry-flavored cookie is filled with a rich white chocolate ganache.

¨     Peach Mango, a fusion of fresh peach and mango infused for a burst of juicy fruity ganache.

¨     Green Tea, an explosion of flavor that doesn’t overwhelm the palate, green tea imported from Japan and then infused with a rich delicious cream.

Rocq worked with well-known master chefs across France in the summer of 2011 to obtain maximum knowledge of macarons. After working months alongside the teachings of prestigious French pastry chef Guy Monnet, Rocq finally made his own recipe. “These macarons must be made by hand. So not every one is the same but every one has a bit of my love in it,” says Rocq.


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