Take-Out Service Offers ‘Pretend You Cooked’ Option

Take-Out Service Offers ‘Pretend You Cooked’ Option

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Take-Out Service Offers ‘Pretend You Cooked’ Option


For those who like to host dinner parties but don’t want to cook or pay the high prices charged by a good caterer, there’s a new option. Well, if you live in a certain delivery area in England, there is.

Housebites, a London-based take-out food service, recently announced a new customer option called “pretend you cooked.” Customers can pretend they spent hours in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove—and have the dirty pots and pans to prove it.

Gourmet meals from Housebites, prepared by a professional chef, run about $15 to $18.

For an addition fee of about $7.50, Housebites not only delivers the food, they also deliver the dirty pans to use as “evidence” that you cooked the meal.

Return of the pots and pans is as easy as the original delivery of the food—and you even get a little refund if you wash them.

The company says the idea for the dirty pans concept evolved on Facebook and Twitter after Housebites received requests for the service through tweets, comments and email foodback.

“Housebites has been a social business since its inception, and customer feedback on social networks continues to drive innovation,” says Simon Prockter, founder and CEO of Housebites.

“The nature of Housebites meals is that they are cooked at home, so I guess it makes sense that people want to impress their partners or friends by pretending they cooked the meal themselves. It’s harmless fun, so we thought we’d see if we could help them out with some added authenticity,” Prockter said.

What it boils down to, I guess, is that if you want to fib about your food, Housebites will help to back up your story…for a price.

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