Stiglmeier Sausage Company: Passion's in the Casing

Stiglmeier Sausage Company: Passion's in the Casing

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Stiglmeier Sausage Company: Passion's in the Casing


Passion is tangible; an element you can feel, see and taste. It jumps out at you. And the difference between something with and without passion is as stark as night from day. This applies to almost everything: people, art, architecture and food. The sausages crafted at Stiglmeier Sausage Company are bursting with that unmistakable flavor of passion.

The company was founded over 50 years ago in 1960 by German expatriate, Anton Stiglmeier. Anton emigrated to the United States from Bavaria, the southernmost state in Germany. The region is famous for, among other things, the annual Oktoberfest festival attended by over six million visitors. This speaks to the emphasis Bavarians place on spirited food and drink, and this culture of great food was ingrained in Anton. He began training in the art of sausage making in his youth and brought the skills he learned and cultivated during his apprenticeship over to the United States when he and his wife moved to Chicago.

The young couple founded the Stiglmeier Sausage Company in 1960, and their passion for traditional old-world sausage and hard work helped the business grow. As the little company matured, their children John and Elizabeth joined the company’s management team, making it a true family affair.

Today, the company operates out of Wheeling, IL, about 25 miles northwest of Chicago, its birthplace. The state of the art facility was custom built to produce the beloved old-fashioned sausages. Over the years, many people have discovered Anton Stiglmeier’s sausages, proclaiming them the best this side of the Atlantic. It’s a testament to the quality standards that the company continues to follow, and proof that they don’t skimp on the most important ingredient of all: passion.

You can find a selection of Stiglmeier Sausages in The Food Channel World Market. Visit the Germany country page to discover these and other great German foods.


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