Time to Jam, Pickle and Preserve

Time to Jam, Pickle and Preserve

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Time to Jam, Pickle and Preserve


Zucchini Bread & Butter Pickles

In many parts of the country, harvest season is drawing to a close. And for lots of people, that means it’s time to for pickling, preserving, and jam-making.

Actually, preserving fresh foods seems to be enjoying quite a renaissance, with a growing number of people ‘putting up’ veggies from summer backyard gardens, farmers markets, and local CSA farm co-ops.

Food bloggers have latched on to the trend. There’s “Food in Jars”: by Marisa McClellan and “Tigress in a Jam”: out of New York (of all places). “Saving the Season”: is another blog that chronicles Kevin West’s struggles to learn how to can, pickle and preserve his farmers market finds in his Laurel Canyon, Calif. Kitchen.

Piccalilli from the Smith Family recipe

Then there’s Anarchy in a Jar, a blog-based business in Brooklyn, N.Y. that delivers homemade jams by bicycle to people just dying for a home-style jam for their morning toast or biscuits.

More and more folks just want to learn how to do pickling and canning—but not necessarily the same way their grandmother did it. The drive to eat local, high-quality produce is certainly part of the motivation, and people are comfortable knowing where these fruits and vegetables came from, whether it’s from the backyard or the local farm. Food preserving is a wonderful way to stretch the season of bountiful goodness.

Another great benefit of preserving the summer’s bounty is the opportunity it gives you to add your own personal touches. You can season things to the taste preferences of you and your family, pairing foods, experimenting with flavors and blending ingredients as you see fit—and heaven knows you’re not going to be adding any red dye #2 or unpronounceable preservatives.

Easy Pickling and Jam Recipes to Preserve in the Refrigerator

The recipes we have gathered for you here are simple, refrigerated-preserving recipes. No boiling water bath required. Just seal the jars well and they’ll keep in the fridge for a month or longer, letting you extend the summer eating season into autumn.

Apple-Pear Butter

Have you ever had Piccalilli? It’s a tasty relish you can use with sandwiches and burgers, and it’s perfect for hot dogs—or try it as a condiment on ham and beans.

Our Red Onion-Garlic Steak Sauce gives grilled steaks and burgers an extra boost of flavor.

You can always buy ketchup at the supermarket, but this Tomato Jam has so much fresh tomato taste, you’ll prefer to use it until it’s gone.

Have a surplus of zucchini? Put them to delicious use with this recipe for Zucchini Bread & Butter Pickles. Sweeten them to your family’s tastes.

If you like apple butter, you’re going to love this recipe for Apple-Pear Butter. It’s tremendous on toast for your weekend breakfast or brunch.

Our Ginger-Carrot Marmalade does nicely on toast, too, or spread on a cracker with along with a schmear of cream cheese.

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