What’s Hot for Thanksgiving This Year

What’s Hot for Thanksgiving This Year

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What’s Hot for Thanksgiving This Year


Before you make that big trip to the supermarket to buy all your food stuffs for Turkey Day 2012, you might want to know what’s trendy this year. Or, maybe not. Perhaps you’re a traditionalist who sees no reason to run with the herd, or fly with the flock.

But two guys who make it a point to pore over their food magazines each month have put together a list of what’s in and what’s out for Thanksgiving this year, based on what’s featured in 11 of the top foodie publications. You might want to check it out, just to satisfy your curiosity.

Zach and Clay are the scribes behind the website The Bitten Word. The two Washington D.C.-basd foodies not only read the food mags, they try out as many of the featured recipes as they can.

Here’s what they’re seeing in the way of Thanksgiving trends for this year, according to what’s on the pages of the periodicals, as analyzed by Zach and Clay.

Turkey gets grilled.  Last year there was no mention in the pubs about grilling the bird. This year, five had articles about grilling or smoking the turkey. And the Bitten Word boys highly recommend it, as well.

Cranberry sauce goes orange. The food books say orange has overtaken ginger as the hot flavor for cranberry sauce in 2012, as well as other citrus flavors such as apricot.

Orange is big with potatoes, too. Sweet potatoes recipes outnumber those for white spuds this year, with mashed being the prevalent prep method. Bourbon makes a play as a popular ingredient, too.

Stuffing gets “leeked.” Leeks is the trendy stuffing ingredient with several food editors this year. It was barely mentioned at all in 2011.

It’s still about pie when it comes to dessert. As usual, pie recipes once again dominate the pages in this year’s Thanksgiving issues.

Other honorable mentions for 2012 include:

  • Kale as an ingredient
  • Parker House rolls
  • No soups for you. Barely mentioned this year.
  • No vegetarian main dishes. Shut out this year after a big 2011.

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