12 Days of Christmas Cookie Recipes

12 Days of Christmas Cookie Recipes

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12 Days of Christmas Cookie Recipes


It’s not too early to start baking and freezing–or giving away–your Christmas cookies! After all, cookies are some of the most welcome gifts of the holiday season. Who doesn’t love cookies? And homemade Christmas cookies? What could be better? And, trust us, we’re making more. So get these in the freezer and watch for our next twelve!


Christmas, as we all know, is a time for giving, and it’s when many of us probably spend more time at the mall than we’d like, spending more money than we probably should.

Which is why homemade, handmade holiday gifts are the best kind. They don’t cost much in dollars, they simply take a little of one’s time—and what’s more precious than that?

“You made this for me?” is a sincere response that any giver would like to hear.

Christmas cookies are some of the most welcome gifts in this category. Who doesn’t love cookies? And homemade Christmas cookies? I mean, what could be better?

With that holiday thought in mind, we present our Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies. It’s not too early to get a jumpstart on your baking. And we’ve got a sleighful of holiday cookie recipes we’d love to share this season.

Cranberry Sugar Cookies. We really like this idea for holiday gift giving. It’s a “no-bake” recipe in that, as the gift giver, you make the cookie dough, wrap it in parchment paper, tie it with pretty holiday ribbons, and let the gift recipients bake the cookies in their own ovens. You can even write a little holiday message on the parchment paper. How cool is that?

Brown Sugar Bark. Here’s a Christmas cookie recipe with the classic flavors of ginger and brown sugar. It’s really versatile. You can add a variety of toppings, or dip them in a sauce such as a Brandied Cherry Sauce (bonus recipe!). These cookies are also wonderful with ice cream.

Praline Cookies. Listen, y’all, if you like the sweet southern flavor of praline candies, you’re going to love this Christmas cookie recipe. It’s easy to make and so yummy.

Little Jewels Cookies. These precious gems are absolutely perfect for serving at an afternoon tea—or munching anytime. They look lovely and taste terrific.

Oatmeal Almond Cookies. These cookies make a delightful gift for that person on your list who’s a bit of a health nut. Sure, they’re still cookies, but they’re loaded with good things like oats, fruit and nuts.

Whoopie Carrot Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. Whoopie cakes are one of the trendy new treats. They’re usually chocolate with a whipped cream like filling. Giving them a carrot cake twist makes them extra special.

Caramel Croquembouche Holiday Tree. You like Christmas trees? And cream puffs? We’ve combined the two in this beauty of a Christmas cookie recipe. This is one tasty holiday centerpiece!

Lemon Snowballs. These scrumptious little snowballs aren’t for throwing, they’re for munching—or giving as Christmas gifts. Stack ’em in a pyramid for a handsome holiday presentation.

Chocolate Almond Cookies. These cookies are really pretty and so chocolaty!

Colossal Chocolate Chip Cookies. It’s stupendous, it’s colossal. This Christmas cookie recipe makes extra-large cookies big enough to break apart and share.

Orange & Nut Biscotti. Dunk them in milk, dip them in coffee or tea—or even wine. These Italian style treats are so fine.

Matcha Green Tea Shortbread Cookies. Speaking of tea, this Christmas cookie recipe brings the popular flavor of green tea into the mix, along with the sparkle of turbinado sugar.

Scandinavian Christmas Cookie Tree. Judy Sipe, our chief culinary officer calls these cookies “by far the best sugar cookies in the whole wide world”–and stacked up to form a Christmas tree (as pictured, left), they are stunningly beautiful–a lovely centerpiece for your holiday table.

There they are, a delectable dozen Christmas cookie recipes that could put a sizable dent in your holiday gift list. So put on that Santa Claus apron and get baking!


Happy holidays from The Food Channel.


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