12 Days of Christmas Cookies 2013

Drummers Drumming Apricot Mini Cakes

12 Days of Christmas Cookies 2013

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12 Days of Christmas Cookies 2013


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Every year, The Food Channel culinary crew gets together and comes up with a new set of cookies to help celebrate the holidays. This year we decided to commemorate the year with the beautiful 12 Days of Christmas series of plates from Williams-Sonoma, and give you one special cookie based on each day of the “12 Days of Christmas” English Christmas carol. Our recipes include original recipes as well as recipes adapted from sources collected over the years–ones we’ve used in our own homes, so that the original creator isn’t even known anymore. We had great fun putting the series together and choosing recipes from Pear Cookies all the way through to Mini-Cakes in the shape of little drums. Celebrate your own 12 Days of Christmas by baking all 12, or choosing just the ones that your family will love! Find the links on this page, and happy holidays from The Food Channel.


Partridge in a Pear Cookies

Turtle Dove Tarts

French Hen Almond Sables

Calling Birds Chocolate Dipped Orange Cookies

Golden Ring German Sugar Cookies

Geese a Laying Eggnog Bars

Swans a Swimming Cream Puffs

Maids a Milking Dunkable Sandwich Cookies

Ladies Dancing Peppermint Twirls

Lords a Leaping Spicy Hot Chocolate

Pipers Piping Lemon Iced Cookies

Drummers Drumming Apricot Mini-Cakes


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