Have You Met Lady Alice?

Have You Met Lady Alice?

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Have You Met Lady Alice?


Most of us have heard of–and enjoyed–Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples, as well as other tried and true varieties such as Granny Smith, Gala and Honeycrisp. But you may not have tried one of Washington State’s relative newcomers, Lady Alice.

It’s one of the hottest new apple varieties in the marketplace, and it is now arriving in grocery stores across America. The Rainier Fruit Company is delivering the largest shipment yet of their the Lady Alice brand apple to consumers coast to coast. Lady Alice is available now through May, or while supplies last at many major and independent grocery retailers.

The unique Lady Alice variety is like a fine wine – it gets more flavorful and complex with age. The apples are harvested in the fall, stored in a highly controlled atmosphere, then shipped and sold to consumers at their peak taste. They are characterized by a banana-yellow color and sweet, crisp, dense flesh with a hint of tartness. Production of this apple has increased since its introduction just three years ago as its appeal with consumers has taken off.

The versatile Lady Alice apple is an excellent choice for snacking, baking and cooking. Unlike many varieties of apples, the Lady Alice is slow to brown when cut, making it perfect for salads and fruit trays. The Lady Alice can also be used in a variety of cooking and baking recipes. Its distinctively sturdy flesh helps the apple retain its texture when heated at high temperatures. Just like fresh cherries, the Lady Alice apple has a short season, yielding a limited supply of this delectable fruit.

“The Lady Alice apple is a welcome addition for consumers who love apples and are looking for something new in the late winter and spring. It is delicious with its sweet bite that offers a hint of tartness that lingers on the palate,” Rainier spokesperson, Suzanne Wolter says. “We at Rainier strive to grow only the highest quality fruit – the Lady Alice apple offers versatility, while maintaining a unique quality we have been committed to for more than a century.”

The Lady Alice apple contributes to a healthy lifestyle and complements a variety of recipes. According to the USDA, apples are among the top 20 foods with the highest antioxidant content per serving. Rich in antioxidants, apples can help boost weight loss and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Perhaps it’s time you met up with Lady Alice.


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