Losing Weight or Getting Healthy in 2013?

Losing Weight or Getting Healthy in 2013?

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Losing Weight or Getting Healthy in 2013?


How’s that weight loss plan going this year? Are you losing weight or getting healthy?

If you’re eating the right food for our species, you can do both. No doubt you’ve heard the news story about obesity not being as deadly as we thought. People everywhere are talking about it–and many of them have drawn the same unfortunate conclusion–that they should just continue what they’re doing.

Why is that unfortunate? Because we’re the sickest and fattest nation on Earth and our cost of healthcare is far higher than any other country. Now, our “experts” are confusing us further—telling us that we may live longer if we are packing a few extra pounds. They’re simply missing the main point about diet, health and weight-loss. That point is this:

If we eat the foods that nature intended for us to eat, we’ll not only promote vibrant health (preventing or eliminating most chronic disease), but our bodies will seek their ideal weight–effortlessly and permanently.

So what did nature intend for us to eat? Well, the animals whose DNA is closest to ours (gorillas and chimps) eat nothing but raw plants. Also, the strongest animals in the world eat only raw plants: horses, giraffes, elephants, and many others. And, we also know from countless human studies that entire cultures of people who consume mostly whole plants suffer almost none of the chronic diseases that we see in the USA and other western countries.

Don’t want to be a raw food vegan? You’re not alone. Most vegans focus primarily on what they’re NOT eating. For 2013, try focusing on what your ARE eating–maximizing your calories from the healthiest of foods for humans: whole, plant-based foods, still in nature’s package.

That’s what Bill Clinton, Michelle Pfeiffer, Arian Foster (leading running back in the NFL), Serena and Venus Williams are now doing–to name just a few. The key to vibrant health AND a trim body begins with eating the right foods. Want to find out how healthy you’re now eating? Take our survey in just two minutes.

Our 4Leaf Survey has now been given to over 4000 people and has proven to be a helpful tool for identifying where you now stand AND showing how you can easily improve your score. Make a decision now to eat 4Leaf for Life—A simple, positive, flexible, sensible and powerful approach to healthy eating.


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