Need a Chocolate Fix?

Need a Chocolate Fix?

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Need a Chocolate Fix?


Just when you thought the holiday temptation was over . . . just as you finished the last of the Christmas candy . . . just as you were getting back on the treadmill . . . Krispy Kreme® announces its new doughnuts. Not only that, but they have the decadent titles of Dark Chocolate Strawberry and Double Dark Chocolate. Dark chocolate is good for you, right? Right?

Either way, the company knows how to attract an audience, and they are doing it with the introduction of a limited time offer, available through February 17, 2013 at participating Krispy Kreme US and Canadian shops. They suggest pairing them with a Krispy Kreme Mocha for “a tasty explosion of chocolaty goodness.”

The Dark Chocolate Strawberry has a combination of their trademarked Dark chocolate KREME™ and strawberry filling, inside a dark chocolate iced doughnut. The Double Dark Chocolate is a dark chocolate version of their glazed doughnut, drizzled with milk chocolate and topped with a dark chocolate rosette.

Jump off the treadmill and give them a try. Then get back on. It’s the way to balance the life of a foodie, after all.                                    



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