Paula Deen and The Food Channel

Paula Deen and The Food Channel

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Paula Deen and The Food Channel


It’s been one of the most interesting rallying cries of the social media era: We Want Paula! That’s the message that we’re getting from Paula Deen fans everywhere–and they are letting us know on Facebook, via email, by phone, on Twitter, and everywhere we go. Her fans have rallied in huge support of the popular food celebrity, and they’ve encouraged The Food Channel® to give her a place.

We’ve made no secret since this all started that we are all about the food, and that we’d be happy to have a conversation with Ms. Deen and her company, Paula Deen Enterprises, about what we might create together. Media have picked up the twist to the story, recognizing that it’s a case of mistaken identity (we are not The Food Network), but that there may be an opportunity for something pretty interesting to evolve out of all this. It could be the first new television channel created by the fans!

We’ve traded email addresses, and they know we exist, but it never hurts for the fans to tell them–so feel free to leave a comment below or email Ms. Deen at

In the meantime, we can still talk about the food. Care to point us to your favorite Paula Deen recipe? If so, add it below.


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