Gluten-Free Eggos Offer New Choices

Yes, it's an Eggo--and gluten free!

Gluten-Free Eggos Offer New Choices

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Gluten-Free Eggos Offer New Choices


We love finding validation for our trend reports! When we called out gluten-free as a food trend in 2011/2012 it was over the objection of some of our panelists who just couldn’t believe that food that didn’t taste good would ever take off. They’ve come around now—and this new product is one of the reasons: good taste and gluten-free have managed to meet.

One of the latest gluten-free options is for breakfast. Eggo® has introduced the new Eggo Gluten Free Waffles. Like other Eggo products, they are ready to pop in the toaster, and come in two flavors (original, and cinnamon).

“Gluten-free foods in grocery stores sometimes sacrifice taste and texture compared with their original versions,” said AnneMarie Suarez-Davis, vice president of marketing and innovation for Kellogg’s® Frozen Foods, the company that owns and manufactures Eggos. “We’re excited to offer new Eggo Gluten Free Waffles, so everyone in the family, including those who avoid gluten, can enjoy a delicious and wholesome Eggo breakfast.”

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