Harvest Moon Party Planning Checklist

Harvest Moon Party Planning Checklist

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Harvest Moon Party Planning Checklist


Are you planning a Halloween party or Fall celebration? Here’s a helpful checklist to keep you on track as you work through everything you need to do in order to be ready for fun! While you are at it, check out our series of great pumpkin recipes and a little background on the term “harvest moon” at this link.

  1. Determine budget
  2. Determine type of party/theme
  3. Set the date
  4. Set location
  5. Divide up duties if you have friends helping, covering: Invitations/printing/social media; Food & drink; Decorating
  6. Create and mail invitations and/or do e-mail or Facebook invite and/or reminders (be sure to account for an RSVP)
  7. Determine games or activities, including music
  8. Ensure special dietary requirements (gluten free, vegan, non-alcoholic options) of guests
  9. Determine food – see our original recipes for ideas!
  10. Order/buy napkins, tablecloths and other table decorations as needed
  11. Ensure photographer or accommodations for photos for social media, if desired
  12. Decorate
  • Directional signage if needed
  • Parking signage if needed
  • Food table(s)
  • Drink table/bar
  • Flowers or centerpieces, if needed
  • Stage for live music if desired
  • Plates, utensils, napkins, cups; serving forks/knives
  • Banners – theme specific
  • Coffee service
  • Soft drink supply/chilled drinks/ice
  • Storage containers for clean up
  • Check bathrooms and tissue paper
  • Trash containers and liners

Then all you have left to do  is clean up and divvy up the leftovers–after you enjoy the party, that is!





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