An Interview with Chef Sarah Page of Ball® Fresh Preserving Test Kitchen

traditional dill pickles recipe from the Ball Canning Back to Basics cookbook

An Interview with Chef Sarah Page of Ball® Fresh Preserving Test Kitchen

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An Interview with Chef Sarah Page of Ball® Fresh Preserving Test Kitchen

I sat down with Sarah Page, Chef and Culinary Marketing Manager for The Fresh Preserving Test Kitchen, after reviewing Ball® Canning Back to Basics: A Foolproof Guide to Canning Jams, Jellies, Pickles and More.

Chef Sarah is responsible for creating a significant number of recipes within the book and used her culinary expertise to carefully craft each from its delicious beginning to end.

Cover shot from Ball Canning's Back to Basics cookbook with recipes for canning and preserving foods.

Cover: Ball Canning Back to Basics Cookbook

Are people canning more, and would you attribute that to an overall ‘back to basics’ mentality?

For sure! I would say Millennials have done a lot to bring back an interest in canning. Unfortunately, their parents may not be able to teach them. If you skip a generation, it’s hard to get those traditions back, and many Baby Boomers simply don’t can.

Food preservation is near and dear to people’s hearts. It has to do with the purity of what you’re eating and feeding your family. Ball® did some studies over the past couple years, and it turns out, almost half of millennials are interested in canning.

What is your favorite recipe from the cookbook?

I have a lot of them! I would say the sauces are some of my favorites. They represent a more modern cuisine and are some of the newest recipes from Ball®. People are looking for more exciting flavors and they are interested in making things they’ve tasted in restaurants.



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