Functional Mushrooms to the Rescue?

Photo Credit: Whole Foods

Functional Mushrooms to the Rescue?

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Functional Mushrooms to the Rescue?


The global buyers and food experts at Whole Foods announced their top food trend picks for 2018 this week. Among those trends are functional mushrooms, floral flavors and the continuing rise of Med Rim influences on food. What we can expect to see next year according to Whole Foods.

Floral Flavors. From adding whole flowers and petals to dishes to botanical flavor infusions in drinks and snacks. This could include things like lavender lattes, a rose flavor explosion, or bright-pink hibiscus teas. Wild elderflower will also be popular for beverages.

Floral flavors from Whole Foods top trends for 2018. Photo: Whole Foods

Super Powders. The form makes it simple to add neutraceutical powers to a variety of foods and beverages. They’s a perfect for soups, coffee, nutrition bars, soups and even baked goods. For energy, powders like maca root and cacao are ubiquitous. Smoothies are benefitting from infusions of spirulina, kale, herbs and roots.

Functional Mushrooms. Typically used as an ingredient in dietary supplements, these shrooms include varieties like reishi, chaga, cordyceps and lion’s mane. The ingredient is also finding its way into coffees, bottled drinks and teas.


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