Have You Strained Your Greek Yogurt Lately?

Overnight Oats with Fruit & Greek Yogurt The Food Channel//Lance Mellenbruch

Have You Strained Your Greek Yogurt Lately?

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Have You Strained Your Greek Yogurt Lately?


Early November brings National Greek Yogurt Day, a celebration of a rich, delicious treat that continues to grow in global popularity. And what’s the secret to that thicker consistency? You’ll need to strain your relationship to find out.

Compared to other yogurts, the Greek variety is strained in order to remove the more liquid whey and lactose, which leaves you with a thicker, richer cream packed with flavor.

In honor of National Greek Yogurt Day, some of our favorite recipes featuring Greek yogurt—a combination of Food Channel originals and some from our Guest Chef Network.

Aussie Greek Lamb Burger
Photo depiction of a burger made with Australian lamb, Greek yogurt, lettuce, tomato and onion.

Aussie Greek Lamb Burger. Photo Credit Sandwich America.

Our friends at Sandwich America partnered with food writer and photographer, Sara Welch, and her blog Dinner at the Zoo, to create something fun, yet simple, for Sandwich Night. With the help of her two children, Welch created an awesome Aussie Lamb Burger with Greek Yogurt Sauce that you can recreate for your crew!

Kid’s Caviar
photo of crackers topped with boba flavor pearls that looks like caviar for kids

Kids Boba Caviar. Photo: David Nehmer

Children love to mimic their parents, so next time you bring out the fancy caviar appetizers for your guests, don’t skip the kiddos! This Kid Caviar has a delicious sugar cookie base with a generous spread of Greek yogurt frosting, topped with our favorite Bursting Bobas.

Fruit and Yogurt Overnight Oats
Overnight Oats with Fruit & Greek Yogurt

Overnight Oats with Fruit and Yogurt. Photo: Lance Mellenbruch.

Imagine a healthy delicious breakfast waiting for you in the morning- simply combine rolled oats, almond milk, a pinch of salt and brown sugar, shake to blend and refrigerate overnight in a mason jar. We recommend adding fresh sliced orchard fruit, Greek yogurt and a drizzle of golden honey to your overnight oats in the morning.

Kohlrabi Fritters with Yogurt Dill Sauce

Kohlrabi Fritters with Yogurt Dill Sauce. Photo: Lance Mellenbruch.

Similar to cabbage or cauliflower, kohlrabi can have a slightly bitter cruciferous flavor. Blended with the buttery flavor of shredded Yukon Gold potatoes, these fritters take on a mellow slightly nutty flavor. They are perfect paired with our tangy Greek yogurt-dill sauce for dipping.

Fresh Cranberry Orange Smoothie
Fresh Cranberry Orange Smoothie

Fresh Cranberry Orange Smoothie. Photo: Lance Mellenbruch.

Get in the spirit with this festive tangy-sweet cranberry orange smoothie blended cold and frosty with fresh cranberries, orange juice and Greek yogurt.

And one to grow on! Click here to see Good Housekeeping‘s Definitive Guide to the Best Greek Yogurts.

Happy National Greek Yogurt Day from The Food Channel.


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