Discover the Global Influence of Chocolate

Discover the Global Influence of Chocolate

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Discover the Global Influence of Chocolate

MARS®, Inc. is a global leader in chocolate confections. Because chocolate has had such impact on our culinary heritage, the folks at MARS created an American Heritage® line of chocolates that provides both education and delightful flavor.

Chocolate Has Roots

‘Heritage’ foods and traditional food practices are enjoying an incredible resurgence. Last year, The Food Channel identified heritage as the ‘new local’ as people explore local cuisine in the context of its historical heritage.

Chocolate has Mesoamerican roots dating back over 3,500 years. While its rich history gives us context for chocolate’s intriguing global story, American Heritage® Chocolate provides actionable and inspiring ways to make, bake, test, explore and play with a beloved flavor that dates back centuries.

The Chocolate Melting Pot

As one nation comprised of many cultures, America is an international melting pot where we can experience the many ways in which local cultures have intersected chocolate.

To celebrate America’s love of chocolate, American Heritage® offers some you some fun, and flavorful,  international recipes for you to enjoy with family and friends.

Chocolate + Tahini Ice Box Pie

A delicious Tahini Ice Box Pie made with Tahini Vanilla Ice Cream and American Heritage Chocolate blocks. Click here to get the full Chocolate + Tahini Ice Box Pie Recipe.

Chocolate Granita

It’s that time of year – we couldn’t be more ready for sunshine. In celebration of the season give this icy refresher a try: Chocolate Granita, a chocolate treat served in Italy. Grazie Così Buono! Click here to get the full Chocolate Granita Recipe.

Chocolate Muhallabieh

Chocolate Muhallabieh, or Middle Eastern Milk Pudding, has an incredible look, taste, and smell, especially when coupled with chocolate. Click here to get the full Chocolate Muhallabieh Recipe.

Chocolate and Balsamic Glazed Roasted Vegetables

Slow roasted beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes, glazed with a balsamic vinegar and chocolate glaze. Perfectly sweet and salty. Click here to get the full Chocolate and Balsamic Glazed Roasted Vegetable Recipe.

Chocolate Cardamom Poke Cake

Upgrade your classic poke cake with a blend of creamy chocolate and the warm spice of Cardamom. Click here to get the full Chocolate Cardamom Poke Cake Recipe.

Chocolate Mendiants

We especially loved this recipe featuring the versatile mendiant from France! Who knew chocolate, sea salt, and pink peppercorn could taste so good? Click here to get the full Chocolate Mendiant Recipe.



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