Miraculous Pop-Up Bar Comes to Town

Miracle Christmopolitan. Photo: Melissa Hom

Miraculous Pop-Up Bar Comes to Town

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Miraculous Pop-Up Bar Comes to Town

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Miracle, the popular Christmas pop-up bar concept that launched in New York in 2014, is making its way to more than 50 locations globally this year. And one happens to be right in The Food Channel‘s back yard. Missouri Spirits is one of the 50 locations transformed into a winter wonderland of cocktails. Drinks are the highlight; however, light appetizers or bar food are typically served as well. The pop-up concepts opened the day after Thanksgiving and run through the end of December.

Making A List

This year’s cocktail menu includes the Christmopolitan with vodka, spiced cranberry sauce and absinthe. The Muletide features Mezcal, Amontillado Sherry and ginger. Bad Santa is a warm mulled red wine, and tawny port with orange liquer and spices. More, you say? A total of 10 themed cocktails are featured at all locations, in addition to some holiday shots, namely the Naughty Shot and the Nice Shot. Click here to get the recipe for the Run Run Rudolph—blanco tequila, coffee liquer, iced hot chocolate and Mexican spices. Run like the wind, Rudolph!

The Miracle concept began four years ago when Greg Boehm was in the midst of constructing a cocktail bar in New York’s East Village. His mother advised him to explore the holiday pop-up concept, surrounded by, and served in, a festive holiday atmosphere. And the rest is history.

Giving Back to the Community

Themed glassware is available for purchase at Miracle locations, with 10 percent of sales benefitting Action Against Hunger. Locations hosting the concept may also apply their own philanthropic spins. For example, Missouri Spirits is donating a portion of its ticket sales to the Child Advocacy Center.

You can find a full list of the 50 locations for this year’s Miracle Pop-Up on The Tipsy Diaries.

Don’t forget the recipe for Run Run Rudolph here. Could be the perfect addition to your own home celebrations.


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