The Food Channel’s Taste of Baby Got Brunch

The Food Channel’s Taste of Baby Got Brunch

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The Food Channel’s Taste of Baby Got Brunch


And there was still more…

Lauren Larner of Cooking with Lauren featured Thai-style bananas and coconut milk drizzled on a pandan-flavored waffle crisp.

Restaurant menu chalkboard outlining offerings from Taxman Brewery at the Baby Got Brunch event

Taxman Brewery’s Menu Board at the Baby Got Brunch Event

Executive Chef Joseph Tabor from Taxman Brewing Co. honed in on waffles using a cast iron Belgian waffle iron and from-scratch dough to prepare a waffle version of lox and bagels.

Rook had a goat’s milk yeast waffle served with fresh peaches, bacon fat granola, and a sorghum crema, while Spoke & Steele did a multi-grain biscuit made of spelt, quinoa, and buckwheat served with sausage gravy and pork pate. General Manager Will Mohring said, “We wanted to create awareness of the cool stuff we’re doing for brunch.”

The Food Channel’s Take? Thumb’s Up!

There was more, from a pork butter marmalade to a Chipotle berry pulled pork, but you get the point. Brunch is big, and it was celebrated in style during Indy’s Baby Got Brunch. Watch for it next year!

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