The Next Wave of Seaweed Is Coming

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The Next Wave of Seaweed Is Coming

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The Next Wave of Seaweed Is Coming


Small Bites

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When someone mentions the words ‘seaweed’ or ‘algae,’ some of the thoughts that come to mind are sushi, health food snacks, and even skin and body care. Although these items—along with many others—use this plant superfood as an ingredient, we are witnessing a growing market for both edible and non-edible applications.

Time To Dive In

This means there are opportunities for many categories to dive in with algae. One that is a bit unusual, yet innovative, is using it as an ingredient in beverages. Cup of Sea, in Portland, Maine, for example, is utilizing locally-harvested seaweeds in its herbal and caffeinated tea blends. Each tea is handcrafted and comes in loose form, uniquely pairing the type of seaweed to a traditional tea counterpart, resulting in earthy, fruity, and smoky flavor profiles.

Kelp has been a traditional ingredient in beer-making across the globe and it’s now finding a home in American craft breweries. Portsmouth Brewery on New Hampshire’s seacoast is serving its own kelp-infused beer, “Selkie.” Customers looking to expand their hops and barley palate with the briny, fresh taste inspired by a Scottish Red Seaweed Ale can find this beer on tap, as well as bottled on location at the brewery.


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