Meet The Chefs: Carolyn Scott-Hamilton

Carolyn Scott, The Healthy Voyager, lets us travel, and dine with her vicariously through the videos she shares on The Food Channel. She demonstrates how to travel as a vegan and enjoy local cuisine while staying true to your dietary needs.

Meet The Chefs: Carolyn Scott-Hamilton

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Meet The Chefs: Carolyn Scott-Hamilton


Carolyn Scott-Hamilton is the star of The Healthy Voyager and we’ve had the pleasure of featuring her videos on The Food Channel® since 2015. Carolyn is constantly taking us with her on adventures as she travels from Miami, to Sydney, to Rome and more! She showcases vegan dishes from around the globe in such a mouthwatering way that we just had to know what was going on behind the scenes. Her healthy lifestyle and tips for staying fit while traveling are only two of the reasons why The Healthy Voyager is so successful.

Who were your early cooking influencers?

“I would say both of my grandmothers. One was Colombian and the other, French. I loved being with both of them in the kitchen and really got bitten by the cooking bug at a very early age.”

Do you have a favorite food-related childhood memory?

“So many! One of my faves was waiting by the stove as my grandmother made fresh empañadas. I couldn’t wait for the deliciousness and I burned my mouth every time, gladly!”

Do you have any hobbies that inspire you outside of your daily work?

“My work is like play to me so my hobby is my work and vice-versa. I love to travel and I’m so grateful that I get to see the world in the way that I do. Outside of food and travel, I love to do fun things with friends be it a hike, brunch or dancing!”

How did you come up with the name for your show?

“Having been a special-diet person (vegan) for health reasons, I found it quite difficult to travel early on. I figured that I wasn’t the only person who found it difficult as there are so many special diets in the world such as other vegans, gluten free, diabetic, etc. I wanted to prove that you could still explore the world without worrying about your dietary restrictions. To travel the world and stay healthy, that’s the ultimate goal for so many and hence, my show was born. And out of the travel show, the cooking show was born to combine my love of travel and cooking.”

What’s your favorite thing to do when filming your show?

“Eat, ha ha! While eating great food is a big plus, I have to say the people I meet and the things I get to experience make it all the more sweet.”

You’ll find all of her shows on The Food Channel here. For more videos, information, and lifestyle tips check out The Healthy Voyager website!


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