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03 Oct 22

The flavors of fall used to be cinnamon and nutmeg, mingled periodically with sage, toasted pecan, and of course, pumpkin. Have no (…)

18 Jul 16

Chef Roni Proter shows us her tips and tricks of the trade by chopping fresh herbs to spice and liven up any dish, including sprucing up (…)

21 Dec 15

Try out this vegan eggnog recipe that tastes incredible! It drops the heavy cream and eggs, substituting healthier alternatives without (…)

21 Dec 15

Eggnog seems like an impossible food to make vegan, but Carolyn Scott-Hamilton sends us a gift this year with this wonderful vegan (…)


Neil Fuentes, aka The Singing Chef, has partnered with a friend to open a high-energy Venezuelan restaurant in Branford, CT which (…)

15 Mar 15

March 15, 2015 2:46 pm · By:

Who knew learning could be so tasty? Expand your kitchen vocabulary to include “zest”–here’s an easy walk through of the skill. Watch for (…)

15 Mar 15

March 15, 2015 2:16 pm · By:

Succulent lamb chops are perfect for the upcoming Easter holiday, so why not consider them  a great entree for any dinner! KC Quaretti (…)