Free Nagging Available in Japan

Free Nagging Available in Japan

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Free Nagging Available in Japan


By Cari Martens

For middle managers trying to lose an inch or two around their middles, of Japan has introduced the Virtual Wife, programmed to nag these businessmen to eat right and make healthy lifestyle choices.

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Those who subscribe to the free service can select one of four virtual wives. Writing for Technology & Gadget Trends, Rebecca Miller describes the four wife choices as ‘a cute maid/café waitress, a cool domineering analyst, a motherly nurse, and a fashionable nail artist.’

Subscribers, who can even choose a name for their nagging virtual spouse, are instructed by the service to input their height, weight, and lifestyle habits. Then, four times a day, they receive email reminders to eat right and other suggestions for reaching their ideal body weight—delivered in a tone of voice appropriate to the chosen wife type.

I wonder, does this relieve these guys’ real wives of this unpleasant task? Or give them the opportunity to gang up on the poor guy?

This service is currently available only in Japan.

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