Have You Visited CupcakeProject.com?

Have You Visited CupcakeProject.com?

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Have You Visited CupcakeProject.com?


Stef’s “Better Than Sex” Chocolate Cupcakes

At The Food Channel, we love to graze the Internet for tasty food blogs. One of our new favorites is CupcakeProject.com, a creation of cupcake chef and food blogger, Stef. If you follow her blog you know she’s deliciously deft with words and incredibly creative with cupcakes.

Stef hails from New York, but now creates cupcakes and writes in St. Louis, Missouri. Her Cupcake Project gig had its genesis over dinner (you knew food had to be involved). She describes the scene thusly:

‘At dinner one night, some good friends mentioned that they were trying to decide where to buy cupcakes for their wedding. I surprised myself and others at the table by offering to bake for them. My friends surprised me by accepting. Their wedding was Dec 31, 2007. I decided to make a new cupcake each week up until the wedding and let them pick their favorites out of all of my experiments. They ended up picking 3 cupcakes: Gingerbread Latte, Margarita, and Soda Fountain (a root beer cupcake with a cream soda frosting topped with a malt ball).’ And she decided to blog about her cupcake escapades.

Needless to say, the cupcakes were a huge success. As is her food blog, cupcakeproject.com. We recommend you tune in often. It’s a fun read, whether or not you’re a cupcake connoisseur.

Stef is now immersed in her second Cupcake Project, baking cupcakes for yet another bride and groom (who she refers to as Bride & Groom 2.0). Their wedding is October 12 and they have not yet picked their flavors.

When she’s not baking cupcakes or blogging about them, Stef writes for Slashfood and conducts interviews about (what else?) food for Food Interviews. She also enjoys spending time with her foodie husband, Jonathan, a professional photographer who takes all the shots for her site.

Check out these recipes for three of Stef’s favorite cupcakes.

Better Than Sex Chocolate Cupcakes

Pumpkin Cup-Pies

Mimosa Cupcakes


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